Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Connection?

Thank you for becoming a member of The Connection panel. We want your experience here to be an excellent one. To better assist you, we have put together a few guidelines to make this experience engaging and beneficial for everyone.

The Connection is a place for our valued customers to provide their opinion on a variety of topics related to grocery shopping.

Surveys, polls and conversations on the site will vary. Topics covered will range from what’s in your shopping basket and where you shop, to your thoughts on the packaging of a new product, to how you plan and budget, and even how you celebrate events and holidays.

Most topics will be things we ask in the form of questions on surveys or quick polls, some others will be set up as a conversation.

You can join The Connection only if you have been invited to do so.

Who is Southeastern Grocers?

Southeastern Grocers is the parent company and home of Harveys, Winn-Dixie, and Fresco y Más grocery stores. It is the fifth-largest conventional supermarket chain in the U.S. and the second-largest conventional supermarket in the Southeast, based on store count.

Who manages The Connection?

The Connection is managed by a team of insights professionals at Southeastern Grocers in conjunction with Evolve Research. For more detail please contact us at or go to the contact us page once you’ve registered.

How are my survey responses handled?

Survey responses are collated and analyzed collectively (e.g. 75% of people said...) and are then used by key team members across Southeastern Grocers. These team members will use this data to make informed decisions on how to improve our stores, products, and services.

At The Connection we respect the privacy of your personal information in our care and abide by the Privacy Policy of Southeastern Grocers

Am I required to respond to every survey, poll or conversation on The Connection?

In short, no. If a new activity is ready for you, you will receive an invitation by email. Although your participation is greatly appreciated, you have no obligation to respond.

How do I give feedback about my shopping experience with Harveys, Fresco y Mas or Winn-Dixie?

For specific store related questions, or if you need to speak with someone directly, please get in touch with Customer Service at 866-946-6349; they are on hand to listen to and action your queries. You can also visit the Southeastern Grocers website for additional contact information.

How do I get in touch with The Connection?

Get in touch via our contact us page.

I am new to The Connection. How do I get started?

Please register for The Connection by providing us with your first name, last name, email address and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link that will direct you to The Connection website. From there you will need to provide your rewards card number and fill out some simple profile information so we can get to know you better. From there you can get started!

How do I update my details?

You can update your details at any time via your My Profile page. It’s important to keep your details up to date so we can get in touch with you if you are a winner in our monthly prize draw.

Prizes and Rewards

How do I enter?

You earn entries into the monthly prize draw on The Connection by completing activities. Quick polls, surveys and discussions all earn you entries into the monthly prize draw. Click on My Account in the top right hand corner of the page to see how many entries you have earned. For more detail, you can also click on My Activity, which you will find on the My Account menu under My Prizes.

What can I win?

The Connection offers entry into a monthly draw for SE Grocers rewards points. Every prize draw will include 50 prize winners of 10,000 rewards points (each equivalent to $100 in value).

How will I receive my prize?

All winners will be notified by email, and the points will be automatically added to your rewards account.

Where can I use my reward points?

Reward points can be used on groceries at Harveys, Fresco y Mas or Winn-Dixie, and they can be used on gas purchases at Shell gas stations. For details please see

Keep your details up to date

Please let us know if there is a change in your contact details or your circumstances. Your details can be updated via the Profile page under My Account.

To leave the panel

How do leave the panel?

We’ll be sad to see you leave, but if The Connection is really not your thing, please click the My Account page then on the Profile button and click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button.